WANG JIANChairman of Technology Steering Committee
Alibaba Group

    Dr. Wang Jian joined Alibaba as former Microsoft Asia Executive Vice President of the Institute, responsible for user interface, machine learning, large-scale data processing and other research and Beijing adCenter laboratory, was responsible for researching key technologies and systems related to data-driven software (including SQM and Watson data architecture and analysis) , Microsoft advertising platform related technology and seamless personal computing. Dr. Wang Jian is responsible for the development of the SQM large-scale data processing system to help Office 2007 and dozens of Microsoft products. The research results of Beijing adCenter laboratory are also widely used in Microsoft’s next-generation advertising system. Digital ink technology, invented by Dr. Wang Jian, has been used in Tablet PC, OneNote 2003, Windows XP Tablet PC edition 2005, Windows Vista and next-generation Windows.

    The team led by Dr. Wang Jian invented a modeless switching user interface that supports Asian languages ​​and is used in software such as Windows XP and Office XP. The handwritten math formula recognizer was first introduced in the world in 2005, and was specially presented for the chairman and wife when President Hu Jintao visited Microsoft in 2006.

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